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Do you need to start a blog business, working wherever you need and making some huge cash? Perfect, you’re in the right place: if you wish to set everything up properly in your blog, keep reading…

IMPORTANT: this book was not written to promote a live event where I will be able to give you more information. I poured all my knowledge into this book, saving nothing.

My name is Manuel Rise, and I am a professional blogger since 2014.
“Professional blogger” means I will be able to live my life blogging: I have a blog (more than one, in truth) through which I sell a service.
Several years have passed since I started writing articles, and the world of blogs has changed a lot.
Honestly, it changes every year.
So, to keep up with the times, every year, I attend SEO courses by Google, copywriting, and basically, every kind of course related to the world of blogs.
Unfortunately, there is no great course on the internet that explains how to build a blog and earn money by selling a product or service.
That’s why – alongside my business – I decided to write this book.
Everything you’ll find in this book is the result of my experience, and that is the reason what allowed me to leave my job and be able to live only with my blogs.
It’s not a simple journey: making money with a blog is not a quick process and presents many pitfalls.
Making sure that our blog reaches the first pages of Google results is a matter that takes much time and much work.
And even if it is so fashionable “earns with your passions”, it’s unfortunately not a real matter.
You cannot think to earn money only by writing; you all the time need to sell something link a product, like a service, like an affiliation… etc.
In this book, I will be able to try to be as clear as imaginable and show you how to set everything up properly in your blog and start to make some huge cash.


● The best ways to make money through your blog, which are not «Write your passions and get ton of money!».
● Evergreen blog ideas.
● A serious affiliate marketing opportunity.
● How to self-financing.
● How to start a blog step-by-step.
● The importance of the logo, colors, and design of your blog: which parts are important and what you have to write in each of them.
● How to define the right target of your readers and understand how to write to attract them to your posts.
● How to all the time have content fresh to write (one of these techniques is crazy, and no one has ever told you!).
● Advance copywriting skills to keep the reader glued to your posts.
● How to increase your blogs’ reputation.
● How to become an authority in your market.
● How to manage your social media profiles.
● Online marketing principles (this course alone costs more than $ 1.000).
● Advanced SEO techniques to write posts Google love.
● How to manage Facebook Ads and Google Ads to destroy your competitors eternally.
● …and much more!
Don’t worry: it’s a long process, but nothing hard.
You can learn everything, even if you never write a single blog post in your life!

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